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What is restorative dentistry? A recap…

With an abundance of treatment options available for your teeth and the way that they look, it’s very easy to get confused with what’s available and perhaps applicable to you. Over the years, dentistry has become more advanced and therefore.

A comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Dentistry Treatments

The world of aesthetic dentistry has come a long way… When some people think about dentists they get visions of fillings and tooth removal but thankfully, while those treatments still exists, there are many more sophisticated treatments on offer. Especially.

Fillings – Some Information on tooth fillings and bondings

Advanced Dentistry’s series of blogs continues this with the specifics of our specialist practices at Windsor Advanced Dentistry and the general practices for most dentistry in the UK. This week we will be dscussing tooth fillings and bondings. So, what.

Your teeth are the windows to your overall health…

A recent study of 5000 people has revealed some surprising results when it comes to dental health. Of the 5000 people questioned, of which 2899 were women, it turns out that females are much more aware of the importance of.

Deep bites – deep issues but it can be fixed!

Having a deep bite can be a very upsetting experience for people.  As well as it potentially leading to the collapse of your bit and lower face – making you look older, it is also a cause of headaches, hearing.

So, what exactly defines an infection in the mouth?

An infection, or more to the point, an infection affecting your teeth and gums, can be characterised by abacterial infection at the center of the tooth or between the gums and tooth that produces pus and discharge. This pus is.

Dental implant surgery and recovery time with Advanced Dentistry

Dental implant surgery is a specialist area in dentistry and it’s something we here at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry are very well known for. We often get queries into certain aspects involved with the dental implant process and we.

Facing your fears…

It’s amazing how many people suffer with teeth problems. In fact, a high percentage of adults get by with toothache, cracked or chipped teeth and even serious gum disease, never imagining the future problems they may encounter. Whether it’s a.

Sensitive teeth and how to deal with it…

Having sensitive teeth is something that many, many people in the UK suffer from and it seems that of those people, not many realise what causes it. You can use ‘special’ toothpastes to try and eradicate the problem, but usually.

The right way when it comes to brushing…

Back to basics Here at Advanced Dentistry we spend a great deal of time helping people with various issues with their teeth. This can include things like discoloured teeth, crooked teeth, resolving gaps in teeth and a whole host of.

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