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All on Four Implants, why it’s so good

Sometimes no matter how patient we are, we want something now and it’s not always a bad thing.  After all, when it comes to your oral health and your teeth, sometimes waiting can be embarrassing and also detrimental to your self-confidence.

This is why the concept of getting ‘teeth straight away’ is so revolutionary.  Known as All on Fours, this wonderful technique offers you the chance to get dental implants in just one visit.

Who can have all on 4 implants? 

All on Four can be used for patients who have lost their own teeth and who perhaps wear dentures (or not).  All on Four offers you the chance to be completely free from dentures on the day the implants are place.  Thereafter, once the healing period is complete and the implants have fully integrated with your bone, a high quality, permanent bridge is fitted – meaning no more dentures!

There are various ways All on Four can be used.  From patients who require a full arch of two arches.

This treatment is also good for patients that have experienced ill-fitting dentures or of course severe failing teeth for many years, offering instead, natural looking teeth.

What are the benefits? 

  • Faced with failing teeth caused by gum disease and failed bridge work.
  • Currently wearing dentures (upper and lower)
  • Unable to cope with dentures generally
  • Suffer from self-confidence issues
  • Who have problems eating or talking with their current dentures

Periodontal treatment near you 

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