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Aesthetic dentistry is where science and art combine in dental treatment. Rather than being a specific discipline or type of treatment, it embraces all the dental treatment disciplines with the aim of creating the best outcome for the patient, from an aesthetic, functional and biological perspective.

More than just cosmetic

Aesthetic Dentistry is about individualised treatment. The difference from Cosmetic Dentistry is that Cosmetic can be more invasive, sometimes including surgery and concentrates more on the look and appearance of the patients teeth. Whereas Aesthetic is to fix teeth problems, such as missing teeth, not only appearance, but functional too, providing the patient with the best possible outcome. We look at your dental problem and provide the optimum solution for your dental health and function, whilst at the same time achieving a beautiful and natural appearance.

Our goal is to recreate how your teeth would be if you did not have dental problems and your teeth and gums were in ideal condition. This is not the same as cosmetic dentistry, which strictly speaking involves changing simply the appearance of your teeth.

What does aesthetic dentistry include?

Dentists use techniques available in modern medicine to achieve a more healthy and natural appearance.

Aesthetic dental solutions

Each patient will have different problems, and may need a root canal removal, crown repair, or the restoration of teeth with old fillings. The solution is really dependent on the patients dental problem, to make your teeth look healthy, brighter and improve facial aesthetics too.

Cosmetic vs Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic tends to deal with dental work mainly on the teeth surface, such as teeth whitening, veneers, whereas aesthetic is more in-depth, looking at fixing dental problems, a significant change such as dental implants, or fixing broken crowns or bridgework that will in turn change the appearance and improve your smile.

What can Aesthetic Dentistry Do?

This patient came to us with poor quality crown and bridgework. She was missing two teeth and the previous bridges looked artificial and unnatural.

We worked with her to create a treatment plan tailored to her personal goals for functionality of her smile and the aesthetic she was hoping to achieve.

After root treatments, dental implants, gum and bone rebuilding, new porcelain crowns and some porcelain veneers we achieved a beautiful, natural-looking result.

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Aesthetic Dentistry Testimonial - Sue

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