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Many people choose to ignore a chipped or cracked tooth because they are unaware of the consequences of not having them repaired or because they worry about how restored teeth might look or feel.

Our total commitment to excellence in dentistry, providing the very best that dentistry has to offer ensures that patients receive treatment at the very highest level.

Chipped teeth - damaged central incisor repairs

The first thing to determine is whether or not the pulp has been damaged. This is the living part of the tooth; its condition will play a key part in choosing the most appropriate treatment. If a chipped tooth is sensitive, painful, uncomfortable or discoloured, it usually means that the pulp is exposed and that the nerves are vulnerable.

The kinds of chipped teeth are:

  • Minor fractures, such as small chips to the biting edges or tooth enamel. This can be caused by wear & tear, teeth clenching, teeth grinding or minor trauma
  • Serious fractures, generally following an accident or trauma to the teeth and fracturing the large proportion of the tooth crown
  • Root fractures – these are more serious tooth fractures e.g. horizontal or vertical fractures through the root (often leading to loss of the tooth through a root canal)

How to prevent chipped teeth

Trips and falls can happen at any time – so it’s almost impossible to prevent a chipped or cracked tooth if it suffers serious impact with the ground or a foreign object. A fully broken tooth may also be the result. 

However, preventable actions, like tooth-clenching and tooth grinding, can also cause minor to severe chips in your teeth. To combat these bad habits, try to become more conscious of the action and train your mind to put a stop to it before it begins. Alternatively, if your grinding habits happen while you sleep, you can use a special mouthguard to protect your teeth at night.

But the stronger and healthier your teeth are, the more resilient to chips and cracks they will be, which is why it is imperative to practice good oral hygiene, so you can prevent tooth decay.


If you need to see a dentist about your tooth issues, we offer several treatment options for repairing chipped teeth; in all cases prompt treatment is advisable and in some cases essential.

Cosmetic contouring 

Ideal for small chips or fractures, especially on reasonably long teeth, cosmetic contouring is a quick and minimally invasive treatment for a chipped tooth. Because the chip or fracture is only slight, your dentist will smooth out the rough edges of the tooth, much like a stonemason carving the correct shape in a workpiece, to avoid an unwanted jagged edge. This masks the damage, helping the tooth once again appear uniform when compared with the others. 

Dental bonding with tooth-coloured composite resin

For slightly deeper or more apparent chips or cracks, composite resin may be recommended. In this instance, the tooth will be rebuilt into its original shape by bonding the remaining tooth with a special resin designed to hold the tooth together – like cement – while also taking the appearance of a natural tooth. This is a conservative and non-invasive technique for treating mildly chipped or cracked teeth, making it a popular choice.

Porcelain veneers 

If you’re dealing with multiple chipped or cracked teeth, or if there is insufficient tooth structure remaining to support contouring or bonding, porcelain veneers are another viable option. Veneers are special crowns (or ‘caps’) that are fitted over the area of your existing tooth. They look just like real teeth, creating the illusion of a happy, healthy smile, making them a great option for those with multiple teeth in need of attention.

Tooth removal

In the event that your teeth are so badly chipped or cracked that there is no possibility of saving the tooth, and what remains of the tooth could become hazardous to your overall health, your dentist may recommend removing it entirely via tooth extraction. However, this is reserved only for extreme cases. When this occurs, your dental expert may offer solutions to replace the lost tooth, to help maintain your smile.

Why choose the Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry for your chipped tooth treatment?

Whatever solution is deemed best to correct your chipped teeth, at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry, you can be sure your teeth will be in the hands of professionals who know just how to solve such issues, leaving you with a smile to be proud of. 

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