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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is essentially an artificial ‘root’ typically made of titanium (or sometimes Zirconia), which is placed in the jawbone to support a replacement tooth or teeth in the form of a crown (for a single tooth) or bridgework for multiple teeth and implants.

Why have a tooth implant?

Our dental implants in Windsor offer a more permanent fixed solution for the restoration of missing teeth, or failing teeth, or for people who already have dentures and want a better alternative. It feels looks and functions more like a natural tooth or teeth.

How do dental Our implants in Windsor work?

The treatment can work for a single missing or failing tooth, or any number of teeth up to a complete dentition  (full mouth dental implant treatment) which can be restored with dental implants, providing a highly predictable restoration that should preserve and strengthen the jawbone as well as look and feel completely natural.


The full dental implant process usually involves a number of visits over the course of a few months. Although, the implant(s) and interim new teeth are usually fitted in one session.

A typical dental implant process would be:

  • Patient consultation:

    An initial consultation followed by a detailed full case assessment, and a plan for your treatment from start to finish.

  • Pre-treatment planning:

    This often involves taking some intra-oral scans and a CBCT of the proposed implant site or sites. This helps the implant dentist to plan the treatment in the best way using the latest digital 3D software.

  • Placement of the dental implant:

    This involves small surgical procedures. Wherever possible we try to do immediate implants, i.e. If there is a failing tooth or teeth to replace, we can often remove the tooth or teeth and place the implant or implants at the same time immediately into the extraction site or sites.

  • Front teeth implant:

    For front teeth, we would place a provisional (interim) restoration of the tooth or teeth at the same time (with a provisional crown or bridge) so the patient can walk out with a new tooth or teeth in place straight away.

  • Bone and gum rebuilding:

    It’s also common to have to carry out some bone and/or gum regeneration/bone grafting at the same time as the implant placement.

  • Healing and recovery time:

    The stitches are typically removed 7-14 days after surgery. It takes between six weeks and six months (typically three months) for the dental implant(s) and bone to be ready for the final implant crown or bridgework. Meanwhile, the patient has a provisional interim tooth or teeth in place fixed to the implant or to the adjacent teeth. Explore more on dental implant recovery and aftercare.

  • Attaching the tooth implant:

    The crown or bridgework is usually fixed onto the implant or implants by means of a screw and abutment. The screw hole is then filled with a tooth-coloured composite filling.

Benefits of a single tooth implant vs a bridge

The main benefit is that the affected tooth or teeth can be replaced without any interference to the teeth on either side.

  • Bridged teeth are joined together so it is more difficult to floss in between the teeth and special types of floss must be used to clean under the bridged tooth otherwise food and plaque (bacteria biofilm) can collect under the bridge.
  • The advantage of a single-tooth implant is that you can brush and floss the tooth like a natural tooth.
  • These days it is less arduous with dental implant recovery time than it used to be for patients with simple dental implant cases. E.g. When replacing a single missing tooth or having a same-day dental implant(s) with immediate implants, there is generally little or no post-operative discomfort or swelling.

A single-tooth implant is usually the best course of dental treatment to restore a failing or missing tooth. A bridge may require preparing or drilling the adjacent teeth, something we are keen to avoid, particularly if the teeth are sound and healthy.

Although, in younger patients, below the age of 25, we would usually advise a resin-bonded bridge.

If you have a failed dental implant

One of the most common problems we see when implant treatments haven’t been performed with the appropriate expertise is gum recession on the implant and crown. This is often when the implant is incorrectly positioned or if there is inadequate bone or gum around the implant and this hasn’t been adequately rebuilt when the implant was placed.

We regularly receive referrals from colleagues to manage complications or failing implant cases, especially where the aesthetic result is poor.

If the treatment is carried out to a high standard and the patient maintains excellent oral hygiene and does not smoke, we would expect our dental implants and restorations to last anything from 10–30 years.

Dental implant case studies before & after

To get a better understanding of the achievable results after the dental implant procedure, here are examples of cases treated in the Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry.

A full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants 

The dental problem:
Diseased and failing teeth.

The solution after treatment:
Full mouth restoration, with dental implants, crowns, and bridgework. 
Years of neglect and smoking had ruined this gentleman’s teeth and smile. We were able to achieve a dramatic result in this very challenging case by carefully treating the disease to save some of the upper teeth and removing the failed teeth, which we replaced with dental implants, crowns, and bridges. The impact on this patient’s quality of life, smile, and confidence was remarkable.

Dental Implants Windsor

Dr Tidu Mankoo

Dr Tido Mankoo’s skill has earned him an outstanding reputation for excellence. Tidu Mankoo has built a reputation as one of the finest clinicians in Europe and a world leader in Aesthetic, Restorative & a specialism in Implant Dentistry, with over 40 years of experience.

If you are thinking to have a single-tooth dental implant and need more reassurance check out our informative guide.

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Frequently Asked questions

If you’ve been seeking dental implants in Windsor, rest assured the procedure is completely safe and has benefitted countless dental patients. The procedure itself has been around for decades but has never been as advanced – or safe – as it is today, thanks to modern dental implant technology. Because dental implants are made from titanium, they’re at no risk of being rejected by the body because titanium is a biocompatible metal, making it ideal for implants or other surgical implants. If you’d like to know more about the safety of dental implants in Windsor, get in touch today.

As with most dental procedures of this type, some mild discomfort and pain are perfectly normal and shouldn’t be cause for alarm. But many people enjoy a pain-free recovery period – everyone is different! Any pain you do experience can usually be solved using simple over-the-counter pain relief, like paracetamol and ibuprofen. However, should you experience severe pain after your dental implants in Windsor, get in touch with the team immediately and we will be happy to advise you on the appropriate steps to solve the problem.

If you’d like to know more about how much dental implants in Windsor cost, get in touch with the team today. Because all patients are different and require different numbers of implants and levels of treatment, the cost almost always changes from person to person. The cost of your dental implants in Windsor may also depend on the current condition of your mouth and how much work would be involved to deal with any underlying conditions you may have. Booking yourself in for an appointment will give us a chance to investigate and give you a full answer.

Our team of dentists in Windsor are some of the most experienced and well-respected in their field today. Along with providing exceptional service for our patients for many years, with many stellar reviews and comments, we also receive referrals from dentists abroad, thanks to our renowned international reputation. Choosing the Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry for your dental implants in Windsor is the smartest first step you can make to giving yourself the smile you deserve.

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