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Experience unparalleled expertise in cosmetic, aesthetic, and restorative dentistry. Our services include dental implants, tooth crowns, bridges, and more, addressing dental problems with precision. As your trusted dentist nearby, we specialise in rehabilitation, offering top-tier solutions like periodontal treatment, orthodontics, and full mouth reconstructions. Count on us for exceptional care, ensuring the highest level of dental excellence and patient satisfaction.

Help for anxious patients

Being a ultra high-end private practice means our focus is on individualised care. We are not rushing to get through as many patients as possible in a day, but doing our utmost to help make your experience here as pleasant as possible. Of course we use local anaesthesia to ensure that treatment is completely painless and all treatment is carried out in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We offer “intravenous sedation” or “oral sedation” to make you feel relaxed and sleepy and less aware of the treatment being carried out.

We also offer professional, safe and natural treatments for many of the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and stress, including hypnotherapy for sleep, anxiety, teeth grinding and general stress.

Our goal is to treat your teeth and gums in order to establish a health and stable foundation to the long-term restoration and maintenance of your mouth free of disease. We will aim to carry out any dental treatment necessary to achieve the optimum state of health, function and aesthetics in your mouth.

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