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The latest developments in aesthetic dentistry

As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. And since aesthetic dentistry is all about creating a beautiful and healthy smile, often it’s easier to show patients what’s possible through the power of technology. Digital smile makeovers are.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is the word given to the action of ‘parafunctional’ (i.e. outside of normal function e.g. eating and chewing) grinding or clenching your teeth. It can be brought on when you are stressed or anxious but is often an unconscious.

How to fix misaligned teeth

Misaligned teeth, otherwise known as malocclusion, is a common problem which can be caused by simple crowding of our teeth (where our jaws cannot accommodate all the teeth) or habits like thumb-sucking during childhood. In many cases, it’s due to.

How to close a gap in teeth without braces

Orthodontic treatment, more often know as a dental brace, is often considered a good treatment option to correct small gaps or spacing in teeth, especially if the teeth are more or less intact and of the correct size and proportion..

How long does a dental bridge last?

Dental bridges are a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. A dental bridge can be secured to one or more of the teeth next to the missing tooth or teeth, using one of a number of methods including:.

Rebuilding Bone Loss in Gums

Bone loss around the teeth and in the jaws is a lot more common than you might think and can occur after losing teeth or, more commonly, as a result of ‘periodontal disease’ or ‘gum disease’. This disease is where.

Recovery time from dental implants

If you’re considering a procedure that involves dental implants, it’s good to commit to the procedure with all the facts. It’s strongly advised to know exactly how the procedure will affect you and make sure you have a realistic understanding.

What is a veneer and why is it required?

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or a naturally coloured composite material which is placed over the teeth to improve the appearance. > Improve discoloured teeth > Shape > Alignment > Cosmetic improvement What does the process actually.

Dr Mankoo Lectures in Italy

Dr Tidu Mankoo is world renowned for his dental work and has built a reputation throughout Europe for excellence. This takes him on a number of trips across the globe throughout the year teaching and lecturing to inspired dentists. Here.

Dr Mankoo interviewed by ‘Inspyred’ Magazine

In October 2017, Inspyred caught up with Dr Tidu Mankoo, respected international lecturer and active clinician. Dr Mankoo recently sold his private practice in Windsor, so we asked him about his practice; how he manages his world-class multidisciplinary team; and.

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