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12-day dental year course in Contemporary Aesthetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry with Dr Tidu Mankoo

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3-Day Masterclass with Dr Tidu Mankoo at the Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry: Implants, Soft Tissue & Complex Cases

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We welcome referrals and are delighted to work closely with our referring dentists. Whether a single tooth restoration or a complex rehabilitation you can be certain that we will strive to do the best for your patient.

Dental implants, advanced restorative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, crown and bridgework, bone and soft tissue grafting, sinus lifts, alveolar reconstruction, plastic periodontal surgery, periodontal rehabilitation, occlusal reconstructions, perio-prosthetic rehabilitation and full mouth rehabilitations are some of the key services where we offer an outstanding and possibly unparalleled level of experience and expertise.

Our total commitment to excellence in dentistry, providing the very best that dentistry has to offer ensures that patients receive treatment at the very highest level.

This is why we receive referrals from colleagues all over the country and Europe. Further testimony to this is borne out by that fact many dentists from all over the country and their family members have been patients of the practice.

We welcome referrals from colleagues for all aspects of Restorative Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Peridodontics, Adult Orthodontics & Endodontics including:-

  • All dental implant treatments
  • All restorative & advanced restorative treatments
  • Periodontal treatments, advanced periodontal & perio-restorative cases
  • Soft/hard tissue grafting and augmentation
  • Aesthetic cases
  • Occlusal cases
  • All multi-discipline & advanced multi-discipline cases

Working with you

We are happy to carry out the surgical phase of treatment for those dentists wishing to perform the prosthetic part of implant restorations and will work with you to ensure great results. However in difficult or complex cases we would prefer to maintain the control and responsibility for all aspects of the treatment.

Dental implants

Tidu Mankoo has an enormous experience in dental implantology with a variety of implant systems since the late 80’s (mainly with Nobel Biocare since 1997) and regularly work with all aspects of implant dentistry, particularly complex multi-discipline cases and immediate implants. A success rate of over 98% with long-term follow-up speaks for itself with thousands of teeth restored with dental implant crowns and bridges, many in difficult cases involving extensive bone and soft tissue grafting. This experience helps provide both the patient and referring dentist with the secure knowledge of a predictable outcome. Our surgical skill, and soft tissue management using micro-surgical techniques minimises the surgical trauma and improves the post-surgical experience.

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