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What is gum contouring and reshaping?

Everyone has a different gumline, some being low, some high, and some uneven.

Although there is no ‘normal’ gumline, many patients feel self-conscious about theirs.  The good news is, there is a solution – gum contouring can help reshape the gumline. 

If you are considering this treatment, you have certainly landed in the right place. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring and reshaping is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that is used to correct or reshape excessive or uneven gums. The procedure is commonly used to treat what is often referred to as a “gummy smile” by restoring gum tissue.

Do I need gum contouring?

Gum contouring is a procedure used to enhance your smile. With this in mind, if you are self-conscious about your gum line, and your gums appear uneven, the procedure is definitely worth considering. Although gum contouring is not required for medical purposes, it can significantly improve the appearance of both your teeth and your gums.

As well as being used for cosmetic reasons, gum contouring is also used to treat periodontal disease if other treatments have not been successful.

Dental work

Gum contouring procedure

The main aim of gum contouring is to remove gum tissue to make the teeth more visible.

Usually taking 1 to 2 hours, the procedure must be carried out by a dentistry professional and involves removing tiny pieces of tissue from the gum. But don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it sounds!

Before your dentist gets to work, they will numb your mouth so that you do not feel any pain. After the procedure, however, it’s not uncommon for patients to feel slightly sore.

During the procedure, your dentist will reshape the gum line to expose more of the tooth, using a soft laser or scalpel. If your gums have receded, the gum contouring procedure may involve adding gum tissue taken from another part of your mouth.

Preparing treatment

Gum contouring healing

The majority of gum contouring procedures require anywhere from one week to two months to heel fully.

The amount of time your gums will take to heal depends on how much gum tissue has been removed. For example, if only a small amount of tissue has been removed, it can take only a few days for your gums to heal. On the other hand, if the work that has been carried out is more extensive, you can expect your healing time to be up to two months.

During the healing process, you will only be able to eat soft foods for two weeks, and then you should avoid certain foods until your gums have fully healed, including:

  • poppy seeds
  • popcorn
  • hard foods
  • spicy foods
  • highly acidic foods
  • seedy fruits

Is gum contouring painful?

Before your procedure begins, you’ll be given local anaesthesia which will numb your gums so you won’t feel pain whilst your dentist is working. Afterwards, you might feel some tenderness and numbness.

Taking over the counter pain killers can help relieve any pain or discomfort you feel. You can also reduce swelling by applying a cold compress to your mouth in the days following the procedure.

How much is gum contouring?

If you are looking for further information about this procedure and prices, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Windsor Dental. We have a wealth of experience in cosmetic dentistry, with a proven track record for achieving outstanding results for all of our patients.

How we can help with gum contouring and other cosmetic dentistry

At Windsor Dental, we provide a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments including gum contouring, veneers, adult braces, teeth whitening and more.

Our team is always on hand to provide the very best advice when it comes to restoring your smile and advising you on the best options for your teeth.

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