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The initial consultation fee costs £100 (+ the cost of any X-rays if taken) typically around £150 in total. At this visit we will discuss your concerns and carry out a brief examination of your mouth along with some preliminary X-rays and possibly some clinical photographs to give us an idea of your dental condition.

We will then talk about your dental condition, the treatment possibilities and recommendations. For straightforward cases we can usually provide you with a full treatment plan and costs estimates on this visit.

For very complex cases it is often required that more advanced assessments and a further set of investigations is required. In such cases a second visit is required for a more in-depth assessment appointment. Fees for this visit are typically in the region of £500, this entails a thorough full case assessment of your mouth, teeth, gums and bite, more advanced X-rays or CT scans and often a set of study models of your bite.

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Price List

New Patient Consultation
From £100
Full Case Assessment
From £500
From £50
Small X-rays
£10 each
CT Scan
from £150

We provide individual treatment plans according to the individual patient’s needs and complexity, so costs will vary dependent on your needs.

To find out more about our prices, give us a call on 01753 833755 or click here make an enquiry.

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