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Dental Implants – More information on same day teeth

In today’s blog, Advanced Dentistry takes a closer look at All on 4 implants, which offer a quick, safe and highly cost effective treatment for missing teeth.  They are particularly useful for you if you have suffered with missing teeth and as a result lost confidence.

Furthermore, the great thing about this kind of treatment is that it can work for you – even if you have lack of bone available, which is why it can be an attractive option for a variety of oral issues.

So how does the treatment work?

Essentially a full arch of missing teeth can be replaced with just 4 dental implants.  These support a fixed denture or bridge within the mouth.  Therefore, if you no longer have any natural teeth left or have very few teeth left and are happy to have them replaced, you can have them replaced with a treatment that offers a long-term and attractive solution to the problem.

Another great thing about this kind of treatment is that the 4 implants will actually mean you end up with the same bite, comfort and appearance as permanent dentures.

Why all on 4 implants can be beneficial

When compared to other restorative treatments, which may require more extensive work such as bone grafts and multiple appointments, all on 4 dental implants are much less invasive they are suitable for lots of different issues, offer a great level of quality and you will not have to avoid certain foods.  Additionally, you will find that they offer no pain or friction between the gums and the dentures.

The procedures / after care

If you are interested in all on 4 implants through Advanced Dentistry then you can expect to receive an initial consultation and a whole series of thorough diagnostics.  These will include things like X-rays and CT scans, but also dental impressions to determine your bone structure.

You will need a number of appointments during the planning stages and once inserted, the implants will fuse fully with the natural bone over a period of time.

You will also have an initial fixed denture fitted and over the course of a few months the final fitting will take place.

You will need to ensure that you maintain regular visits with a dental hygienist and ensure you take care of your implants, but if you do that you can look forward to a more confident future with a smile to match!

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