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Discoloured Teeth? Get it treated with Advanced Dentistry

One of the first things you notice about that ‘winning smile’, those movie-star pearly whites, is just that, the pearly white colour.  Having a perfect set of teeth means very little if they are discoloured and stained. 

You can develop discoloured teeth because of one of many factors, or a combination of certain foods and drinks, including tea, coffee, cola, and alcohol such as red wine. Smoking and using tobacco products have a similar but stronger effect, often causing brown staining on teeth. 

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?  Or is it a case of how many times a week?  What about flossing?  Adequate dental hygiene can keep the effects of staining foods at bay and reduce the effects of smoking, as well as reducing the impact of natural causes.

Aging is one such natural process that can lead to tooth discolouration as the outer enamel layer of your teeth gets gradually worn down.  In addition to this, several diseases can have negative effects on the natural colour of your teeth.  Further, some medications and treatments can affect your teeth similarly, with various antibiotics, mouth washes, antihistamines, antipsychotics and high blood pressure medications have been connected to tooth discolouration, and some types of radiation and chemotherapy can cause these effects.

Anything from an inadequate diet to damage from a fall or other such accident at a young age can damage or otherwise discolour the enamel of your teeth, but once again Advanced Dentistry have got the solution covered.

As with every procedure we approach, we tailor the treatment specifically around the individual case and the patient in question in order to provide the most convenient solution.  In a lot of cases, mere discolouring isn’t the only problem, and in the past we have combined a standard tooth whitening procedure with composite bonding or porcelain veneers to improve worn or chipped teeth and provide optimum results.

In terms of more invasive treatments for more serious dental conditions our oral surgery procedures may include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Dental implant surgery
  • Periodontal disease treatment
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Root canal treatment

Simply book an appointment today and see what we can do to put a smile back on your face!

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