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The Advanced Dentistry Guide to Basic Dental Care

Your teeth are a very important part of your body – not only do they serve the purpose of helping you chew and break down food for digestion but they contribute to your aesthetic appearance too… there’s nothing better than a beautiful smile to set the right mood for any occasion.  A healthy smile works wonders for your self-confidence, allowing you a means of spreading your happiness to those around you.  How, then, do you achieve this first rate smile?  Of course, there are many procedures we at Advanced Dentistry have on offer to help correct a crooked smile or fill in a gapped one, but as with many things in life, prevention is as good as a cure – there’s a lot you can do to personally keep your own teeth in tip-top condition.

Everyone knows the importance of brushing your teeth regularly – but how regularly should it be done?  It’s suggested that you aim for at least twice a day, after your main meals.  However, if you have a tendency to snack throughout the day, brushing your teeth more often would be recommended.  There is some dispute as to whether electric toothbrushes are ‘better’ than manual ones, but this comes mostly down to personal preference – the electric kind may be better if you have joint difficulty or otherwise lack the dexterity required to brush sufficiently in a manual manner, but other than that, there is no huge difference in results.

An interesting thing to remember is that acidic foods and drinks can temporarily weaken your enamel for up to 30 minutes after they have been consumed, during which time brushing your teeth can cause damage.  If you are to be consuming acidic produce, make sure to leave your teeth for a short while before brushing them.

Merely brushing, however, will not get rid of plaque and other residues between your teeth – for this reason it is important to floss regularly.  Once a day is recommended for sufficient dental care, although as with brushing, regular snacking may make this a necessity more often than usual.  Some people have problems with regular floss getting stuck in their teeth, or find it difficult to keep hold of – there are variations of floss and several floss holding devices available to make this process easier.

In order to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, certain foods and practices should be avoided – generally products high in sugar are a bad thing for your teeth, as sugar helps plaque to grow.  Nicotine from smoking can be incredibly bad for your oral health too, causing discolouring, gum disease and a whole host of other problems.

If you have any other questions about your teeth and their upkeep please don’t hesitate to make an appointment; our team of highly trained professionals will be glad to offer their wisdom and advice.

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