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4 Minutes a day is all it takes for good oral health

We regularly remind people on our blog about the importance of brushing teeth regularly and as we approach the winter and Christmas, we thought it was about time we reminded you why it’s so important to make sure you look after your teeth with a regular cleaning regime.

It is estimated that around seven million people regularly go without cleaning their teeth.  Whether that’s leaving them last thing at night or leaving them first thing in the morning as they’ve got no time.  Equally, as well as not bothering to brush many people admit to the fact that if they do brush, it’s never close to the recommended two minutes!

While brushing one’s teeth can seem like a chore it’s so important to follow a regime.  Just four minutes in your entire day could help you keep your teeth nice and healthy, but it will also ensure your general oral health is good too.

Think about it.  24 hours in a day and just 4 minutes to be devoted to looking after your teeth is a very small price to pay in the long-run.  You may well avoid fillings and more serious dental issues in the long-term.

So this winter, don’t leave your teeth.  Give them the attention they deserve and give them 4 minutes of your time every day.  They’ll thank you for it!

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