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Teeth in a day

For someone who has more extreme cases of missing teeth life can be really difficult. However, with the advancements in same day teeth you can get your dental issues resolved more quickly and with surprisingly little fuss.

‘All on 4 dental implants’ have been around for over ten years but more recently they have gained in popularity because they offer the patient a tried and tested way to achieve a long-term solution to missing teeth, without the need for things like bone grafts or multiple visits, and perhaps most importantly, they can often be fitted in just one day!

Even if you have no natural teeth left, same day teeth can be a superior solution to things like dentures as they have the same bite, comfort and appearance as permanent dentures but they offer a long-term solution with great results!

So what are the benefits of same day teeth with Advanced Dentistry in Windsor?

  • Full teeth restoration to a very high standard of quality
  • Suitable for all types of patients
  • Same day fitting in most cases
  • Faster and less invasive than a traditional fixed bridge
  • Prices are fixed per jaw
  • You can continue to eat your favourite foods so there’s no need to worry about food being trapped!
  • No pain between gums and dentures
  • What can you expect if you opt for same day teeth with Advanced Dentistry?

You will get an initial consultation where a specialist will carry out some detailed tests for the purpose of diagnosis. This will include an X-ray, CT scan and dental impressions, which help us to determine your bone structure and of course will allow us to ascertain the health of your teeth.

There will be planning appointments required but once these are done you can then have your four implants fitted, giving you a great set of teeth you can be proud of!

If you want to improve your oral health and get a great solution to missing teeth or other issues, do contact Advanced Dentistry for help and guidance. We have years of experience on offer to give you the results you need.




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