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Dealing with chipped or loose teeth…

You know the scenario, you’re sitting there eating and suddenly you feel something crack! Whether it’s a chipped tooth or you suddenly discover with horror that you have a loose tooth it can be distressing.

Suddenly your mouth doesn’t feel the same as it did before and all you can focus on is the sharpness of that chipped tooth or an unmistakable wobble!

For many people, having these issues can be upsetting, but even more so if you are not someone who visits the dentist regularly. Therefore, very often after the initial shock of a chipped or loose tooth you actually end up getting nothing done and damaging your teeth further.

However, there is no need to feel any embarrassment or fear about visiting the dentist when you have a problem.  Much better to get it fixed.

Advanced Dentistry has spent years offering help and support to people with chipped or missing teeth, restoring their oral health, while giving them the confidence to smile again.

Don’t leave it!

Even though it’s tempting to forget about a chipped tooth and wait for an inevitable toothache sometime later it’s definitely better to see a dentist.

Chipped teeth should not be left as you could end up with decay and more serious oral conditions and if you have a loose tooth, it’s always wise to get it fixed as it could impact the way you act and – could even come out.

If you haven’t been to a dentist in years and fear the experience or perhaps even feel you will be embarrassed for not looking after your teeth, don’t! We are skilled and experienced at helping people – no matter what their teeth are like and always do our very best to utilise the treatments suitable for fixing them.

Book an appointment

If you have a missing tooth or chipped teeth, make an initial appointment to see us. We will evaluate your situation and talk through the kind of treatments relevant to you and your case.

We will put your mind at ease by answering any questions you might have and will also discuss with you how long treatments will take.

There’s absolutely no need to suffer with cracked or missing teeth when good quality solutions are available from Advanced Dentistry!

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