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Missing Teeth – Don’t avoid smiling with embarrassment

Having missing teeth can be unsightly but also contribute to loss of confidence, especially if the missing tooth or teeth are visible every time you smile.

Missing teeth are not something that happens to older people either.  Gum disease (periodontal disease) and unfortunate accidents or another underlying condition can cause teeth to come out, leaving you feeling out of sorts and generally feeling that the world is not always a great place.

If you have lost a tooth – visible or not – it’s important to understand that while it may make you feel terrible because it looks aesthetically unpleasing, it can also cause difficulties of a more functional nature, such as your ability to chew or even bite so it is important to get it fixed professionally.

Luckily having missing teeth can be fixed as long as long-term treatment is considered.  It’s no good having something replaced if it’s not going to last very long. Here at Advanced Dentistry, we specialise in providing treatments that consider your overall oral health and aesthetics.  That’s why we prefer to take a more holistic approach to dental treatments.  This means that we will not only address the visible issue but also the underlying problem if it exists.

So what kind of solutions are there to fixing missing teeth?

There are several treatments available to resolve an issue with missing teeth.  These can include dental implants with supported crowns or bridges, fixed bridges and removable dentures too.

Our approach is very much about assessing the very best route to your treatments so no two cases will ever be the same.

We have seen many people unhappy through missing teeth and have several case studies that will demonstrate how we have fixed the problem, restoring smiles for people over and over again.

What to do if you have a missing tooth or teeth

If you are currently dealing with the loss of teeth or a tooth then you can contact us. We will arrange an appointment with one of our highly specialised team who will give you an oral check-up. This provides you with the opportunity to ask us any questions you need to and it also means we can reassure you with any concerns you may have.

After this discussion then the next step will be arranging the treatment itself.  We will discuss this with you and what it will entail and try to let you know how long it is likely to take.

Don’t suffer in silence. If you have missing teeth there is a solution and here at Advanced Dentistry we will find it with you.

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