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Can the price be too low?

Recently, there has been a considerable focus on quality of care within dental procedures and the importance for all dentists to ensure that the equipment that they use is of the very best quality for their patients. However, it seems that there have been cases whereby cheaper instrumentation has been purchased, which is not up to industry standard, which could have a detrimental effect on treatments for patients.

It could be argued that this highlights two very important factors in terms of dentistry. Firstly, that good care is all about using the very best treatments and equipment available and secondly, that the consumer should ensure that the dentist they choose is referenced and that they have their patient’s interests at heart.

Here at Advanced Dentistry we understand that at some point or another, all dental work needs repairing or revising, as this is the foundation in which success and longevity of treatment outcomes is based. It’s really important to be in tune with new technologies and ensure that patients have access to these – especially if they are going to improve results. We also urge anyone to ensure that the dental treatment they seek out is from highly experienced and qualified practitioners with a visible repertoire of work and references.

Sadly, more and more people make their buying decisions based on price. However, when it comes to your dental health this is not recommended, as any mistakes can be costly in the long-run, not to mention the fact that they could have serious consequences. Any good dentist working within the field of restorative dentistry will be open about the equipment they use and the results that they have achieved.

What should you look for?

If you are in need of dental treatment or restorative dentistry, look for the dentist that offers holistic care. That is treatment based on your personal situation and treatment that ensures your dental health is as much a focus as how your teeth look. Remember, even a Ferrari can look glistening on the outside, only to have a faulty engine, rendering it useless or even dangerous for the road. Sadly, there are many ‘bad car dealers’ who do not care about the engine, only the paint work, so it’s worth remembering this when looking for someone to work on your teeth.

What you pay for with dentistry is not only the treatment but the dentist’s skill. His or her years in the job mean that expertise is more extensive, resulting in you getting a much better result. Whether you are looking for All on 4s, or you have crooked teeth and you are sick of feeling self-conscious, getting the best treatment is the best way to feel good about yourself again, but it will not necessarily be the most expensive and it most certainly unlikely to be the cheapest.

Here at Advanced Dentistry we offer a whole range of treatments including dental implants, periodontal treatment, orthodontics and more, but our main focus is you and how we can use our years of expertise to give you the treatment you deserve.



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