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The importance of dental check-ups

When it comes to our own dental health, we could perhaps be forgiven at times for neglecting our teeth regime at times.  However, for children, dental check-ups are extremely important and can be the foundation on which a long and healthy relationship with the dentist is built.

Every six months, children should get a general check-up to help build up a lifelong habit, because when it comes to their oral health, prevention is most definitely better than a cure.

Some fundamental questions answered:

How early should I bring my child to the dentist?

Many parents are unsure of this.  Usually your baby’s first teeth will arrive at about six months and while it may seem a bit of a stress, bringing baby to the dentist early can be a good idea.  They can take a look and hopefully help with advice on teething and whether anything you are doing is affecting their oral health.

Then as they grow older your dentist can properly assess your child’s development and hopefully advise you on oral hygiene and maybe even dental habits, to ensure your child’s long-term habits are instilled early on.

As your child gets older then a six monthly visit can be scheduled (may parents actually coordinate visits at the start of term and at Easter or June.

Prevention is better than a cure

While the marvels of dental treatments have made getting even the most damaged teeth fixed, prevention is always going to be better than a cure.

Therefore, regular brushing and flossing is important and should form part of a good dental routine.  While we are on the point of brushing, it’s best to get advice on the type of brush to use. Some people are better with soft or medium brushes, while others may benefit from harder bristles.  This is often forgotten but can be extremely important depending on your situation.

Finding decay early

Sometimes no matter what you do, at one point or another you may have some mild decay.  It’s best to get this sorted early and well-before it turns into full-on decay and toothache!

Whatever age you are, good dental health and care is essential throughout your lifetime, so if you’ve got children, get them started the right way and introduce them to your dentist.  They’ll thank you for it in the long run!

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