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Treating Worn Down Teeth

A common problem in today’s society of fast foods and sugary snacks, accelerated tooth wear can be a real problem. Worn out or worn down teeth – commonly called Tooth Substance Loss is something that affects many people.

If you’re self-conscious when you smile because of worn down teeth you will understand the impact this kind of problem can have on your life. Whether it’s a family photo or summer holiday pic, you no doubt will feel embarrassment at your own tooth substance loss.

So what can we tell you about tooth wear?

There are actually three kinds of ailments associated with worn down teeth and these are:

Attrition – this is the act of grinding or clenching your teeth which can result in worn down teeth and it can affect your biting and chewing.

Abrasion – People who aggressively brush their teeth or indeed who over-brush them may experience issues with the sides of their teeth.

Erosion – This is where the structure of the teeth is lost through erosion of enamel and dentine. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons for worn down teeth in today’s world.

So what can you do if you’re suffering from worn down teeth?

Thankfully no matter how your teeth have been worn, Advanced Dentistry in Windsor can help you achieve oral perfection and health with some restorative dental treatments.

Our experience and expertise in all different areas of restorative dentistry means we can approach your personal situation one-to-one and determine a way forward that will make you happy and confident in your smile, no matter where you are.

So whatever treatment you receive, be it orthodontics, endodontics, a filling, veneers or crowns you will be impressed with the Advanced Dentistry approach.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best treatments and services to our patients.

So if you have worn down teeth and you would like to be able to smile this summer and beyond, do contact us for a one-to-one consultation. A great smile is just around the corner!


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