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Worn out teeth can wear you down…

Worn out teeth are often the result of frequent and forceful pressure applied to the teeth. There are a variety factors that can be held accountable for this condition such as the grinding and clenching of the teeth (bruxism), aggressive brushing or tooth erosion caused by the consumption of food and beverages with high acid content, such as fizzy drinks or even fruit.

In order to effectively treat worn out teeth in patients, the cause needs to be determined and then an appropriate treatment procedure can be implemented. Here at Advanced Dentistry we consider a number of solutions, which may include:

Dental veneers
Restorative treatment
Dental implants

Veneer treatment is commonly rendered the best solution. They can be used to improve the shape and colour of worn out teeth. Veneers also help to restore worn out teeth so that they look effortlessly natural and healthy.


There are many other problems other than the conditions listed that can cause a patient discomfort, pain or dental health related problems. Here is a comprehensive list of other problems that can be encountered and successfully treated:

•  Aphthous ulcers – aka canker sores

•  Cavities – holes formed in the tooth caused by decay

•  Dentures – complications that can arise from wearing dentures

•  Discoloured teeth – off-colour or yellow teeth often occurring from smoking or poor diet

•  Halitosis – aka bad breath

•  Oral cancer – a serious dental disease pertaining to the mouth and throat

•  Temporomandibular joint – aka TMJ disorder where pain or discomfort is felt in the connective jaw bone joint

•  Tooth sensitivity – discomfort experienced when eating and drinking.

•  Xerostomia – aka dry mouth where the flow of saliva is reduced

There are more problems that we solve, far too many to list in one blog in fact, but for more information on these treatments and solutions please go to the “problems we solve” section or our site, or for more case specific questions please contact us and book an initial consultation.

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