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The rise of same day teeth

For anyone with broken or missing teeth, the Christmas season can be hard to bear.  As well as the excess of food, the additional stress on teeth can make it quite a miserable time.  However, this need not be another season of misery if you have issues.

Same day teeth are on the rise and are now offering patients a new lease of life without the need for months and months of treatments.

Same day teeth have been extremely popular since their introduction to the dental world.

So how have same day teeth transformed treatments?

Previously, if you were a patient with decayed or damaged teeth and you needed them replacing, you would have had to undergo many appointments to restore your oral health and aesthetics.  Treatment could have lasted as long as six months and during treatment phases you may have had to wear a temporary denture.

With same day teeth everything is expedited, meaning that appointments are condensed into one or two at most and there is less waiting time to see the end results.

Interestingly, the speed of same day teeth has been shown to actually improve the aesthetic results and success rates too but perhaps the biggest benefit to patients is that they can avoid wearing temporary dentures, which can often look and feel unnatural.

Additionally, same day implants can also be a better alternative to older dental work that has perhaps not been successful.  For example, some people have had the procedure done after coping with a cap that has been wobbly for some time or worse still that has continually come off.  Therefore, even older treatments that need attention could benefit from the same day teeth route.

Whatever situation you are in with your teeth, if you’re worried about the long-term commitment to get the treatment done, same day teeth could well be the solution and of no matter what the time of year is, you won’t have to worry about it.

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