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Thinking of getting a great smile this summer?

There are always questions to be asked and answers to be found in our profession. At Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry we get our fair share of enquiries and queries regarding dental and oral health from specific questions about treatments such as restorative dentistry and aesthetic dentistry to general advice and tips on maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Knowing what options are available and the condition of your teeth is obviously the most important factor. A visit to the dentist can help to clarify this information for you and help you to come closer to sustaining a healthy lifestyle all around.

So if you’ve decided this year is the year that you get your smile looking perfect, we’ve come up with some questions to help you make the best choices when it comes to getting the treatment you deserve for your teeth.   They will help you and of course your dentist when it comes to that all important initial appointment.

Questions to ask yourself

1. Do you wish to receive treatment on the NHS or through a Private Practice?

2. How long has the dentist practice you are interested in been around?

3. Do the dental practitioners treat special cases and conditions? Special cases may include any of the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Autism
  • Physical handicaps

4. Do you suffer from dental phobia or anxieties? If so, does the practice offer support and help to ease your stresses and fears?

5. Does the practice offer you the best in new dentistry technologies?

6. Do you have children? Does the practice treat children as well as adults?

7. These questions are important to ask yourself about joining with a new dental practice or a new dentist. It can make the transition a lot much smoother.

Questions to ask your dentist

1. What are the best dental health products to use?

2. What is a good routine to implement for taking care of my teeth (brushing, flossing etc.)?

3. How can I improve my overall dental health?

4. Are there alternate treatment options then the ones recommended? (for example: invasive versus non-invasive)

5. What is the length of procedures? What kinds of anaesthesia are used?

6. What are the costs involved with treatments? (A question to ask both NHS and Private Practices)

7. What are the long-term benefits of treatments?

8. Are there case studies available to see the results from previous patients?

9. Should you use fluoride rinse, mouthwashes etc?

10. What warning signs should you look out for in your mouth of potentially more serious problems?

11. Does the dentist have any recommendations for improving your diet?

12. Can they give you advice on quitting smoking and offer you help to do so?

These questions can be essential to learning the most about how to sustain oral health and are keys to building a successful doctor/patient relationship with your dentist.

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