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Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry – How much does it cost?

As a helpful guide to those looking at cosmetic dentistry and what it can cost, here at Advanced Dentistry in Windsor, we thought we would create a short blog outlining some of the things that can affect the total you will need to spend on cosmetic dentistry in the UK.

The level of cost can vary greatly within the field and is subject to a number of factors.

Most importantly, every individual will potentially require different treatments, which will affect the overall cost of work.  Furthermore, as good dentistry offers both cosmetic improvement and general improvement of oral health, some of the treatments required will involve ensuring the teeth are actually healthy enough for the cosmetic work to be done in the first place.

The main points though are:

Each person will require a different amount of work and treatment on a per-case basis.

You will always pay more for higher levels of experience and qualifications.  Therefore some clinics will cost more in terms of fees if you are being treated by a specialist, or perhaps someone who has expertise in a certain area.

Higher quality dental materials that are used for treatment will also affect the overall cost.  Branded implants for example will be more expensive than non-branded implants, which are often imported from other countries.

Also different levels of after-care treatments and follow-up appointments will affect the overall cost, as a good dental practice will want to ensure that any work done is followed-up by an adequate amount of after-care levels.

Many people assume that all dental treatments are expensive and that there are no differing factors, but more often than not, highly skilled specialists just want to take pride in their levels of treatment, services and after care and do not want to offer cheaper materials as they can be a false economy in the long run.

Therefore, we advise that if you are looking at cosmetic dentistry that you consider the quality of treatment and use this to evaluate how this will benefit your oral health as well as the way your teeth look.


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