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Dental Implants – the end to low self-esteem and confidence issues

While perhaps at times our teeth are taken for granted, the thought of losing them can be seriously frightening.  However, despite this many people don’t care for the teeth the way they should.  Whether you’re brushing them only once a day (many people don’t bother brushing before bed) or excessive consumption of sugary, acidic foods the fact is, damage does happen over time, with the end result having long-term consequences.

Losing your teeth or even one tooth can be challenging both emotionally and psychologically.  If it’s noticeable then you become self-conscious and even if it isn’t, eating can become difficult.  In fact, for those people who have more than one missing teeth and who have to wear dentures, the prospects of a happy smile can seem out of reach.

Despite all of this though, there are solutions that can turn years of dental abuse into a positive outcome.  This is why dental implants can be such a life changing treatment for so many.

Can dental implants increase my confidence? 

A dental implant is really just an artificial ‘root’ that is usually made from titanium.  It’s placed in the jawbone and actually supports a replacement tooth or teeth.  This can be in the form of a crown for single teeth or as bridgework for multiple implants.

The great news is that a single tooth or any number of teeth can be fixed with this treatment, restoring not only your self-confidence but also your oral health.  Equally, dental implants offer a very natural look and feel, which is a far cry from dentures!

Obviously each patient and their circumstance is treated on an individual basis and here at Advanced Dentistry we consider dental implants based on what is best for you in the long-term.

After all, it may be more relevant for you to have same day teeth as well as a host of other treatments to restore your oral health.

If you have missing teeth or failing teeth and you want to consider the benefits of dental implants do contact us.  We will carry out an initial consultation and will be happy to discuss what treatments will be best for you.


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