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Choosing a private dentist…what should you look for?

If you’ve ever considered aesthetic or corrective dentistry from a private practice you have probably felt overwhelmed by the amount of private dentists on offer.  It is a fact that in recent years the numbers of private dentists have increased significantly in the UK.  However, this can make choosing the right one even more difficult.

So what should you be on the look out for when deciding on a dentist to undertake aesthetic work on your teeth?

Look for experience…

This may seem obvious but it is surprising the amount of people who put trust into someone, only to find that they are not quite as experienced as they seem.  We frequently deal with cases like this whereby a patient has obtained treatment that has failed and that needs a professional with experience to sort it out.

You can of course check your dentist’s qualifications but testimonials and of course notoriety within the dentistry profession is also a good indicator of skill.

Do not go with the cheapest

This again may seem like an obvious point but many people every year assume that they can get the same level of service but pay less.  To save money many patients go abroad or opt for someone who seems to charge a lot less than their counterpart.  However, it can have major implications and sadly problems associated with it because very often you are looking at less skilled practitioners, which can have severe consequences.

Feel comfortable

You must feel at ease with your dentist and very often you can deduce how you’re going to get along from your initial consultation.  A good private dentist will take time to put you at ease, answer your questions and talk you through potential treatments.  Whether you are having Same Day Dental Implants or you’re having a gap in your teeth fixed, you should feel safe, happy and confident that your dentist has your best interests at heart.

Case studies

At Windsor Advanced Dentistry we pride ourselves on offering patients an array of case studies to review.  These are on our website and of course we are always happy to discuss the treatments we have offered other people.  When choosing a private dentist seeing plenty of case studies not only demonstrates skill but it also highlights the effectiveness of treatments given.

Therefore, if you find the private dentist you’re interested in does not have these, you should definitely tread with care.

No case studies could mean no experience or very little, so do not go in blindly.

Whatever reason you have for private dentistry do take the time to find a practice that genuinely cares about its patients and that can offer you a full range of treatments.

If you are looking for private dental treatment why not contact us here for an initial consultation?  We are happy to answer questions and treat every single case on its own merit, taking the time to come up with a treatment solution that suits.

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