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Same Day Teeth at Advanced Dentistry

Same Day Teeth Implants are a great relief for anyone who is looking to get their teeth looking better promptly. In fact, this type of treatment has grown in popularity, as it offers people with missing teeth a much better level of confidence and quality of life.

Same Day Dental Implants either come as ‘All on 4 implants’ or with six to eight implants on each jaw depending on your specific needs (everyone is assessed based on their personal needs.)

The Benefits of All on 4 same day teeth implants

This kind of treatment offers a very safe, quick and cost-effective dental treatment for anyone who wants to improve their confidence and of course, their quality of life. Often missing teeth are a strong reason to choose Same Day Teeth as a treatment, as they can be used for those who have lack of bone for example.

How do same day implants work?

By utilising this great technology you can have a full arch of missing teeth replaced with just four dental implants, which are then supported by a fixed bridge or denture, attached to your natural teeth. If you don’t have natural teeth though don’t worry – ‘all on 4 implants’ can give you the same comfort, appearance and bite as permanent dentures.

If you have missing teeth and you’d like to discover more about our Same Day Teeth via ‘All on 4 implants’, why not give us a call and arrange for an initial consultation? You’ll find our highly experienced implant surgeons will be able to assess your requirements and answer any questions you might have.

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