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Crooked teeth or a gap? There are solutions at Advanced Dentistry

If you have crooked teeth or even unsightly gaps in your teeth, you may well assume that nothing can be done to sort things out – particularly if you have had them since childhood and you assumed that as you.

How would you rank your smile?

When it comes to something as simple as smiling anyone who does not have ‘perfect teeth’ will tell you that this simple act we all share when we’re happy can be the cause of much apprehension. Where’s your smile within.

Problems with your wisdom teeth? Signs they might be impacted…

If your wisdom teeth begin to emerge from your gums you are bound to experience some pain. It’s all part of the course of getting your teeth here. However, if your teeth become impacted or have a problem getting through.

Are you a snacker or do you graze?

With today’s lifestyles often meaning busy days you may notice quite easily that your eating habits adapt a certain instability. You suddenly go from three meals a day to the odd snack or you quite literally graze as you go..

Straightening Teeth. You’re never too old.

It may be staggering to think about but it is estimated that over one third of children require their teeth straightening. Therefore, it naturally follows that there’s actually a similar number of adults who are affected by crooked teeth –.

Electronic Cigarettes – What’s the trouble?

Ecigarettes have become an extremely popular past-time for many Brits. In fact, there are many smokers now who have given up one habit for another. However, what are the health implications and can they affect your teeth? There was a.

What is restorative dentistry? A recap…

With an abundance of treatment options available for your teeth and the way that they look, it’s very easy to get confused with what’s available and perhaps applicable to you. Over the years, dentistry has become more advanced and therefore.

A comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Dentistry Treatments

The world of aesthetic dentistry has come a long way… When some people think about dentists they get visions of fillings and tooth removal but thankfully, while those treatments still exists, there are many more sophisticated treatments on offer. Especially.

Fillings – Some Information on tooth fillings and bondings

Advanced Dentistry’s series of blogs continues this with the specifics of our specialist practices at Windsor Advanced Dentistry and the general practices for most dentistry in the UK. This week we will be dscussing tooth fillings and bondings. So, what.

Your teeth are the windows to your overall health…

A recent study of 5000 people has revealed some surprising results when it comes to dental health. Of the 5000 people questioned, of which 2899 were women, it turns out that females are much more aware of the importance of.

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