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Could Easter be bad for your oral health?

Surprising as it may seem, Easter is almost upon us – which means only one thing for most people.  Chocolate!

Many people love chocolate and with millions of people getting an extra fix or two at this time of year it’s really important to make sure you know what eating chocolate means for your teeth and overall oral health.

Many people don’t always realise that eating lots of chocolate can lead to acid attacks on your teeth, the result of which might be an increased risk of broken down teeth, tooth wear and erosion and even increased risk of gum disease if you do not have a thorough cleaning regime.

While we wouldn’t expect people to avoid chocolate forever, there are a few things you can do that mean you can still enjoy your chocolate Easter egg, while reducing the risks associated with the sugary treat.

Take note:

  • The higher the cocoa content of chocolate the less sugar there will be.  This is obviously less damaging to your oral health and is a good reason to go for plain chocolate.
  • Avoiding chocolate with sticky centres like toffee or caramel will also help.  These types of centres are not only high in sugar but their consistency can mean they get stuck to the grooves within your teeth.
  • Try to limit your chocolate consumption and opt for enjoying it as a dessert or with a glass of milk.  If you eat chocolate all day then you will get a build-up of sugar in the mouth, which in turn means that it can do damage throughout the day.
  • You should always brush your teeth at least twice a day, but during Easter, you may want to opt for some additional oral care.  This may be a good mouthwash or even an additional brush if you have eaten some chocolate.  Do take care here though as you can over-brush your teeth which can be damaging.

Dark Chocolate is better for you…

Cocoa powder itself is a much healthier option to processed cocoa powder, which tends to have a lot of sugar added to it. As a result, if you like home baking, you could make your own treat and have a lot more control over what goes into it.  Mixing a good cocoa powder with nuts or coconut butter tastes great but it’s also free from artificial additives.  Oh and it is full of antioxidants.

If you have young children and you want to reduce their intake of Easter chocolate then consider dried fruit or even sweets made with fructose, which is the sugar that naturally occurs in fruit.  However, do be aware of their sticky consistency so you will want to ensure you back-up the treat with a bit of teeth brushing.

Even the most self-motivated people like to enjoy treats but for long-term happiness with your smile it’s really important to make sure you have a good oral cleaning routine.

Equally, if you’ve enjoyed a few too many Easter eggs over the years and you’ve ended up with  decayed teeth or an unattractive smile, this can be fixed at Advanced Dentistry, so do contact us if you want to fix your oral health issues this year.

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