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Well who would have thought it but we’re in the final month of 2013 and as usual people’s minds start to focus on Christmas Day and beyond.

In today’s blog, Windsor Advanced Dentistry looks at what is a very, very common problem amongst people of all ages and how you can maybe make a simple change this year that will help you into 2014!

Bad breath is surprisingly common and is caused by a variety of things.  Also known as halitosis it can be a very upsetting experience for those who can smell your breath but, perhaps more importantly, you as well.

Aside from being something that makes you feel self-conscious it can really affect your self-esteem when you’re with people.

So what causes it

Essentially halitosis is down to poor dental and oral hygiene but with other factors included. If you don’t regularly brush or floss then you will be more susceptible to bad breath.  During the day when we eat food gets trapped in our teeth, which leads to more plaque and even rotting food.  With no routine to get rid of these things you not only risk having bad breath but you could also end up with decay or gum disease.

Smoking won’t help either.  It dries out your mouth, which increases your risk of bad breath, cancers and gum disease.

Some people have a naturally dry mouth.  This is where your mouth does not produce enough saliva (especially when you sleep) which can increase your chances of bad breath.

Eating foods with strong smells can also impact your breath.  Be it garlic, crisps, cheese, orange juice or fizzy drinks, putting them in your mouth is going to cause a problem – especially if you don’t clean your teeth properly.

Beating your problem

At Windsor Advanced Dentistry we obviously promote good oral health and regular cleaning but if you are past that point then we can offer periodontal and restorative dentistry treatments if you need more substantial help.

In the meantime try making sure you keep your mouth hydrated by drinking plenty of water, brush regularly every single day (morning and night at the very least), avoid eating foods that might result in lingering smells and floss!  It’s the bits between the teeth that can cause some real damage long-term.

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