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Life-changing solutions for our patients:

The Challenge:

Worn, discoloured, broken down and missing teeth with gum disease and gum recession

The solution:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: periodontal treatment, dental implants, crowns & bridgework

This middle aged gentleman’s teeth had deteriorated over the years through inadequate dental care and gum disease and he was gradually losing his teeth. We were able to treat the disease, stabilise the saveable teeth and rebuild some of the lost gum and bone to correct the gum recession & bone loss that had taken place. His teeth were then restored with crowns and bridges on the teeth that could be saved and maintained and on dental implants for the missing and failing teeth. Overall a lovely result in a difficult case.

The Challenge:

Poor aesthetics and gum disease, old miscoloured crowns and general breakdown.

The solution:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: restorative treatment, endodontics, orthodontics, gum reshaping, dental implants, crowns & veneers

This mature gentleman’s deep bite, poor dental work and inadequate dental care caused severe wear and breakdown of his teeth. This presented a difficult challenge that needed an inter-disciplinary approach to solve. With preliminary restorative and endodontic treatment we stabilised the teeth and were able to successfully save nearly all the remaining teeth. His deep bite was successfully improved with orthodontic braces and his teeth were then restored with crowns and veneers, and a few dental implants for the missing teeth. The patient always wanted a white and bright smile.

The Challenge:

Extremely unattractive teeth with gum disease, recession, ugly old crowns and general breakdown.

The solution:

Rehabilitation of upper teeth and tidy up of the lower with crowns, a dental implant, new tooth-coloured fillings and treatment and correction of the gum disease and recession

This middle aged lady’s teeth looked deteriorated as a result of gum disease and poor dental work. The gum recession, discoloured old crowns and compromised teeth really made her smile an unconfident one. She had been told that nothing could be done for her due to her periodontal disease.

Though she lived in Devon she thankfully found us and we were able to treat her periodontal disease, rebuild her gums and restore her upper teeth and a couple of lower back teeth with crowns and one dental implant for the upper left central incisor to completely transform her smile!

The Challenge:

Worn, chipped teeth with most of the back teeth missing

The solution:

Dental implant crowns & bridges for the missing teeth and composite bonding for the front teeth

This mature gentleman had lost most of his back teeth and the remaining front teeth were taking the brunt of the bite and wearing badly.

As you can see the teeth were chipped and worn and he found dentures too uncomfortable to wear.

We were able to restore the missing back teeth with crowns and bridges supported on dental implants and rebuild his upper and lower front teeth with composite bonding. He wanted a very conservative approach to match the existing teeth and as the teeth themselves were essentially sound, this was an excellent solution in this case.

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