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Edentulism – Missing your teeth…

If you have missing teeth, have lost most of your teeth or even have no teeth at all it can be a very embarrassing and upsetting issue. This kind of problem is known as edentulism and many people suffer with it, not really knowing how to cope with it. In the most troubling of cases edentulism can have a major effect on your self-confidence, affect your ability to eat well and of course this in turn can have a major impact on your everyday life.

However, the good news is that missing teeth do not need to be the bane of your life as there are so many treatments and solutions to eradicate the problem forever.

Now if you are immediately thinking that removable dentures are the only solution to edentulism you can think again. There are in fact numerous treatments available depending on your personal situation, all of which can transform your embarrassment into a beautiful smile.

Treatments for missing teeth include;

  • Fixed implants supported crowns and bridges. These usually require six to ten implants in each jaw.
  • Fixed implants supported by dentures. These usually require four to six implants in each jaw.
  • All on 4 implants. These are very popular now and require fixed dentures on 4 implants in each jaw.
  • Removable over-dentures. These require two to four implants in each jaw.

No matter how long you have suffered with missing teeth and no matter how extreme your case you do not need to accept a poorer quality of life and damaged self-confidence.

Advanced Dentistry has successfully treated a number of patients with a variety of treatments, giving great results and a much happier outlook to so many people.

If you suffer with missing teeth and would like to get help for the long-term, why not contact us here at Advanced Dentistry and come in for an initial consultation. We will evaluate your situation and talk you through the best options for treatments in a friendly and caring way.

Remember, all our treatments are designed to produce great aesthetic results while ensuring your overall dental health is attended to. After all, good dental care and repair is all about the long-term benefits to you.

Why not take a look through our case studies to see more about our treatments for missing teeth and change your life for the better!

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