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Aesthetic Dentistry vs Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to the question of cosmetic dentistry many people get confused. They perhaps see this as the only name for what is a highly skilled service to improve your teeth. Be it the way that you smile or the fixing of serious problems.

At Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry we actually prefer to use the term aesthetic dentistry as true skill lies in fixing what the eye can see and by fixing what is underneath for an overall better result.

In today’s blog, we cover the principal similarities and differences between these two terms with one aim – to help you understand and hopefully to help you evaluate what you might need for your own oral health and your perfect smile.

Aesthetic dentistry is essentially where science and artistic principles are combined to provide great dentistry for people. Therefore, while it is about improving the way your teeth look, it’s also about improving your oral health. It actually embraces all kinds of dental treatments and has one aim…to ensure you get the very best outcome in terms of functionality, aesthetics and of course oral health.

Here at Advanced Dentistry, aesthetic dentistry is essentially about your individual treatment, whatever that may be. We want to look for any dental problems and find a solution that will eradicate those problems, whilst also making sure you gain confidence from having a great smile and natural appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry is as the name suggests more about sorting out the visual aspects of teeth. Treatments can include things like veneers and crowns. Solutions can also help fix things like crooked or discoloured teeth and in extreme cases disease, but it could be argued that some places where you can get treatment are not so concerned about what’s underneath those ‘veneers’.

Truly skilled dentistry will give you both health and cosmetic benefits – another reason why we tend to use the term aesthetic dentistry. While you can have cosmetic dental treatments, it is always best to make sure that your actual oral health can sustain those cosmetic treatments. In some cases, people themselves search for treatments of a purely cosmetic nature, only to find that work has failed very quickly and in some cases, has made an issue worse than it was before.

Getting a great smile is something that patients find gives them extra confidence, but equally, that confidence is also built on strong oral health. This means ensuring you gain continued health over time, as well as a great smile.

Here at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry we pride ourselves in offering a full range of treatments that are designed to make you feel great both aesthetically and cosmetically. All treatments are customised to fit your personal needs whatever they may be. Advice is offered by a highly skilled team who will talk you through any advantages or disadvantages of one treatment or another.

So whatever dental treatments you are seeking out, don’t worry about the difference between the cosmetic and the aesthetic but do contact us for a free consultation to help you get the facts you need to achieve a great smile.

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