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Do you have a fear of dentists?

Sometimes we come across patients who genuinely have a fear of dentists, this is called dentophobia. This is something that we deal with occasionally and our staff are well practiced at helping our patients through this.

As a private practice we work with a broad range of clientele and we focus very much on individual care.  So no matter what dental treatments you need and how they are managed, we have your interests at heart at all times.  As a result of this approach, we consistently succeed at offering a service that is not rushed, that allows you to become accustomed to things slowly and that helps you eradicate any fears that you might have.

Dental treatments can be pleasant and painless

One fear that many people have when it comes to dental treatments is the fear of pain.  We understand this and so one of our approaches is to offer both intravenous and oral sedation – where you will find that due to being sedated you cannot even feel the treatments taking place.   This can be of great comfort to people if they have previously endured negative experiences with a dentist in the past and who perhaps feel anxious as a result.

We understand some patients may need more time

Being a private practice we also have much more time to make sure that every single step of your association with us is as it should be from the initial consultation right through to the end result.   We don’t rush things.  We don’t ignore important facts and above all, we listen and understand you.  That’s why all our treatments are tailored specifically to your needs in a warm and friendly environment where you can feel relaxed.  So whether you have crooked teeth or require advanced periodontal treatments you can be confident in our service.

Understanding you and any anxiety you have 

Due to our experience, we pride ourselves in offering a professional level of treatment that is both safe and that caters to your physical and emotional needs.  We know that by addressing this properly you will feel less stress and gain confidence. We can even offer hypnotherapy for sleep, anxiety, and teeth grinding for those who need a little more help.

Dental treatments near you with great results

One fundamental part of what we do is to treat your teeth and your gums so that you not only get the results you want from an aesthetic point of view, but that you also get a healthier oral result for the long-term.  After all, it’s not good having your teeth looking good if your oral health cannot sustain things.  That’s why we consider both the aesthetics and health aspects of any dental treatment to have equal billing.

If you are considering private dentistry and would like to get help, contact us for a service that is both trusted and highly professional.  You needn’t feel anxious about dental treatment ever again with us here at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry.

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