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Booked an appointment? Here’s what to expect…

Your first visit to the practice is a consultation with one of the dentists. For more information and profiles on the team at Windsor please CLICK HERE.

During this consultation your concerns will be discussed and followed up with a brief examination of your mouth with preliminary x-rays. This is to help give the team an idea of your dental condition and what treatments you may need.

All treatment possibilities will be discussed and the fees involved will also be talked through. This first visit is very much about establishing your needs and the options available to you.

If you decide to pursue things further one of the patient coordinators will organise subsequent appointments for you.

The next step

This is where a more precise idea of your dental needs is established and a thorough exploration of the possible options is explored. This process involves a full case assessment of your mouth where the health, condition, appearance of your teeth, gums jaw-joints and the condition of soft tissues in your mouth are evaluated and assessed. You can expect:

  • Further x-rays
  • Clinical photographs
  • Moulds of your teeth
  • Biomolecular and DNA tests

This is to check for any problems not necessarily visible in your mouth and to enable us to treat you more effectively.


Everything that comes next is all dependent on whether your case is simple or complex.

In the more complicated cases you are provided with a treatment plan that details the following:

  • Various problems in your mouth
  • Options available to you
  • The recommendations of your dentist
  • The steps involved in the treatment process
  • An estimate of the fees

The treatments available at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry are substantial. The areas covered are:

We have an in-house Dental Hygienist who can help you to optimise the day-to-day care of your mouth as well as treat any gum disease. The Dental Hygienist plays a key role in the ongoing maintenance of your oral and dental health.

At our practice, you’ll find a warm, friendly atmosphere in elegant, spacious surroundings. We provide a calming ambience and a professional, thorough service. For more information on our process, dental treatments and services at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry please Contact Us or explore our website.

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