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Make 2014 the year you smile!

Well we can’t believe that it’s already the 10th of January and that the New Year has well and truly started!

In today’s blog, we thought it would be a good idea to have a think about resolutions and all the things you can do to get started off in the right way when it comes to your teeth this year.

Whatever your situation, the biggest resolution you can make in relation to your teeth is quite simply a dental check-up.  Many people don’t visit the dentist for long periods of time and through fear end up putting any kind of visit off.

So to help yourself this year, why not get your overall oral health checked?  Sometimes it’s just the fear itself that stops you but if you find the courage to get the ball rolling, you may be surprised!

If you know you need work done then now is the time to get it resolved and make sure you will be smiling this year.  Advanced Dentistry is all about improving your overall oral health by using top treatments to get your teeth looking perfect again.  Whether it’s restorative dentistry or orthodontics all you need to do is book that initial appointment.

If you’ve got tooth decay, don’t put it off for another year.  Just pick up the phone and put your fears aside!  Advanced Dentistry offers a relaxing service to all patients and many people realise just how irrational their fears were before making any kind of appointment.

If you’ve got a cavity or two and you’ve had no problem, this will not be the case in the long-term.  Eventually you’ll start feeling the effects and you could end up with tooth ache – which is by far much worse than having the cavity itself fixed.  Equally, there’s no reason to assume that because you went a whole year with no problem in 2013, that 2014 will be the same.  It’s only a matter of time really.

Whatever your situation or how ever bad you feel your teeth are, the reality is usually much more pleasant than you’d imagine.

So if you don’t keep any other resolution this year, just book that dental consultation and get your teeth looking great this year and make yourself smile!


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