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Long-term oral health and how to maintain it…

As we are all very aware, making sure your teeth and gums are kept healthy is the only way to achieve and keep a gorgeous smile.  However, as with anything in life, sometimes life gets in the way of the.

Regenerating a natural smile through tooth coloured fillings and bondings

Your teeth are incredibly important and taking care of them is absolutely essential. Windsor Advanced Dentistry has an internationally recognised reputation as an experienced practice that you can trust to take care of your teeth. Unfortunately, teeth, gums and overall.

Is your oral health related to your general health?

This is something we’ve actually covered a few times over the last few years. Your oral health and it’s relevance to your general health. So what’s the answer? In short – of course your oral health will impact your general.

Decayed Teeth? You still have reasons to smile…

If you have decayed teeth or in fact you have noticed your teeth are on their way to decaying, getting the right treatment is essential. And it is good to know that damage to your teeth can be repaired and.

Finding the right dentist for your children

When it comes to your children, introducing them to a dentist can be a challenge. Often the younger they are, the more afraid they become, which can impact their relationship with dentists as they get older. The British Dental Association.

The consequences of smoking on your teeth

Much has been documented about the damaging effects of smoking on your overall health, so much so, people are more aware today of the detriments of smoking than ever before. That said, the unexpected increase in new smokers and the.

Tooth Whitening – Why it’s best to go to the dentist

Have you been one of those people who have wondered how you so many people have gorgeous white teeth and yours are a slightly off white colour? It’s actually fairly common but along with the ‘pearly white’ results there are.

Discoloured Teeth? What are the treatment options?

A very common problem for people all over the UK is discoloured teeth.  The severity of discoloured teeth can vary from person to person and factors such as age, genetics and overall condition of your teeth will also play a.

Endodontic treatments for decaying teeth by Advanced Dentistry

The magic of endodontic treatments for decaying teeth It is all too easy for us not to take tooth decay seriously. We all-too-often leave worrying about our teeth until we have a bad tooth ache. Maybe we are simply too.

All-on-4 Dental Treatments – The Modern Solution to Missing Teeth

If you have multiple tooth loss then you may feel that traditional dentures are the only solution. However, there are modern innovations within dentistry and in today’s blog we explain a little about the popular All-on-4 treatments now available. Multiple.

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