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Your teeth are the windows to your overall health…

A recent study of 5000 people has revealed some surprising results when it comes to dental health. Of the 5000 people questioned, of which 2899 were women, it turns out that females are much more aware of the importance of dental health on their overall body health.  They are also much more educated on how to keep their gums and their teeth healthy according to the study.

The survey showed the following results when it came to women and their teeth…

  • In the past twelve months, 70% of the women had been to the dentist
  • 85% of them do a twice daily brushing
  • 27% of them avoided acidic drinks
  • 72% of them feel that the health of their mouth can impact upon other aspects of their body health.
  • 80% of them would make even more effort to take care of their teeth if they knew that there was a link to serious health conditions.
  • The study also revealed some of the top excuses for not going to a dentist more often…
  • 16% generally have a fear of going
  • 4% claim that time off work is not easy to get
  • 21% would pay whatever it cost to get a tooth replaced.

While a study like this is not totally conclusive due to it only being applied to a fraction of people, it does give us food for thought when it comes to our dental health.

Here at Advanced Dentistry in Windsor we do prefer a holistic approach when it comes to your teeth and understand that great dental health does affect your overall health too.

It’s important to deal with things from the inside out. So rather than simply suggest some kind of aesthetic dentistry solutions to resolve a gap in the teeth, we know that by eradicating the cause (if it’s gum disease for example) our patients are more certain to retain their teeth and maintain better dental health in the future.

While quick fixes can appear very tempting, the trouble is they do not resolve any underlying problems.  This is why we always recommend that you have a full consultation at the start so we can ascertain exactly what treatments you will benefit from.

So if you are in the 4% that doesn’t go to the dentist because you can’t get time off work – do make the effort as the benefits in the long-run far outweigh the negatives.

And equally, if you have avoided going to the dentist with more serious dental issues, don’t be embarrassed and do not fear it.  While it can seem daunting, choosing the right dentist for your aesthetic treatments and dental health means you will be dealt with in a caring manner, and with all efforts to make you feel at ease!

If you need help with a dental issues, why not contact us for an initial consultation and find out how we can help you smile again.

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