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Facing your fears…

It’s amazing how many people suffer with teeth problems. In fact, a high percentage of adults get by with toothache, cracked or chipped teeth and even serious gum disease, never imagining the future problems they may encounter.

Whether it’s a severe fear of the dentist or that very human trait of ‘self-management’ the reality is that simply getting by could have some serious consequences.

For many people who eventually do get to a dentist after ten or even twenty years of never going, there can be a lot of apprehension and fear. Your mind will be anticipating what might happen. Perhaps the dentist will mention the word bone loss due to periodontal disease (gum disease) or suggest you might need a couple of root canals to rectify the feeling in that tooth you’ve put up with. However, the truth is you won’t know unless you go and have your oral health evaluated.  In any case, it will never be as bad as you imagine and in fact, it could turn out to be a whole lot better.

By continually avoiding the dentist you simply prolong the agony of not knowing and worse still – you risk doing a lot more damage to your teeth. No one wants to lose their teeth but doing nothing to maintain your oral health could well lead to you losing a tooth or even teeth.

Years and years ago when dental health was not a priority many people ended up with false teeth beneath the age of fifty. In fact, during the fifties it was considered a good way to sort out dental problems with many people opting for them as a way to avoid the pain and cost of other treatments.

Thankfully the dental industry has moved on significantly. With things like All on 4s and more advanced general treatments you don’t have to opt for false teeth.  However, this relies on you getting to a dentist sooner rather than later.

If you’ve worried for a long time about your teeth, why not pick up the phone and call us? You can come in for an evaluation and we will be able to assess what you need to do to get your smiling again.

And honestly, it’s never going to be as bad as anything you can imagine.

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