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Deep bites – deep issues but it can be fixed!

Having a deep bite can be a very upsetting experience for people.  As well as it potentially leading to the collapse of your bit and lower face – making you look older, it is also a cause of headaches, hearing difficulties and even digestive problems.  Therefore, it’s really important to get it treated by a highly qualified aesthetic dentist.

A Malocclusion (or a bad bite or overbite as it is also known) happens when there is a misalignment of the teeth and jaws.  This is very frequently down to genetics but it can also happen where you have overcrowding of teeth in the mouth, decaying teeth or even missing back teeth.  Therefore, it’s important to understand that there are treatment options available no matter how your own Malocclusion has manifested itself.

There are a number of bite disorders in fact such as:

  • A closed bite
  • A crossed bite
  • Teeth crowding
  • Teeth protrusion
  • A deep overbite

All of these can lead to various aesthetic and health problems, but the good news is that they can be treated.

Deep bite facts

A deep overbite is perhaps more serious than some of the other disorders as it can do damage to the teeth and health of the jaw joints themselves.  A deep overbite is where the upper front teeth virtually overlap the lower front teeth.

Without treatment, you can end up with loss of the front teeth – which for many is a deeply troubling experience and can knock anyone’s self-confidence.

Reasons to get it fixed

By fixing this kind of disorder you can improve both the functionality of your teeth, making things like flossing and even brushing easier, but it also improves your smile and overall smile.

Deep bite treatment

In order to resolve a deep bite, a multi-disciplined treatment approach is best. This usually involves orthodontics and restorative dentistry, but depends on the individual.

The orthodontics side of the treatment will mean your bite can be properly aligned with various options such as:

  • Hidden braces
  • Clear braces
  • Removable Inman Aligners
  • As well as a host of other treatments.

If you have had a deep bite for some time you may well find that your upper teeth and the lower front teeth are extremely worn, so some restorative dentistry with things like composite bonding or porcelain veneers or crowns can be a good solution.

Where you have missing back teeth, then dental implants or bridgework can be used to help establish a correct bite, giving you plenty of routes to a better smile.

Each person is obviously different so all the treatments offered will be based upon your own personal circumstances.  However, if you have a deep bite that is causing you issues, it may be good to know that Advanced Dentistry has the experience and level of skill required to make you really smile again.

Why not contact us for an initial consultation and see how Advanced Dentistry can help you get a great smile this year?

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