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Going to the dentist doesn’t mean you have to have toothache…

So many people suffer with a phobia of dentists or at the very least a sincere fear of going to the dentist. Often this fear manifests itself in childhood through a bad experience and more often than not, the long-term results and impact on your teeth can be serious.

Some people are so afraid of dentists that it is only when they have a severe toothache that they force themselves to go, which in turn supports the idea that dental treatment equals pain and trauma.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  One of the fundamental changes you can make to break a cycle of fear of dental treatment is to build up your courage and attend when you don’t have a toothache.  This way you can slowly get your oral health to a better level, without the stress and trauma of the phobia.

It’s difficult of course. Many people neglect their teeth over long periods of time, resulting in things like periodontal disease and their cycle of fear keeps them from visiting to get their oral health sorted out. This is why they only ever see a dentist when the damage to their teeth results in tooth loss or severe toothache.

Visiting a dentist when you don’t have any symptoms quite simply means you will be more relaxed and be in control of the treatments you need right from the start.  Therefore, if you are of a nervous disposition you can finally experience the dentist at the right time and over time this will build your confidence.  Eventually you will visit a dentist just for a check-up and to maintain oral health -so you can hopefully forget about those memories of toothache and pain in the past.

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