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What do Dental Implants offer you as a treatment?

When it comes to your teeth and repair of your teeth there are a wealth of options open to you.

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At Advanced Dentistry we specialise in all sorts of treatments but today, our blog is going to focus on dental implants and what they may offer you as a treatment.

Obviously, good dentistry is a holistic service that focuses on the individual so while dental implants may be a great solution for some, there may be better ways to achieve the desired results using other treatments.

We will be following up with these in other blogs throughout the year but in the meantime if you have any questions or you would like to book an initial consultation with a practice that offers an extremely high standard of care do contact us!

Dental implants offer a very natural look and are strong and stable.  They are great at restoring a lost tooth or to replace a tooth that may be beyond repair, but the beauty of them is that they feel and function like a natural tooth.

They are also built to last and offer a pretty good long-term solution to problems with teeth.  Obviously you should always continue to get check-ups and you may need adjustments over time, but if they are looked after you can expect them to work for you for years and years to come.

Where people have missing teeth they sometimes assume that some kind of denture is going to be the only option.  However, with dental implants there’s a good chance you can enjoy life without ever having to worry about your teeth.  Indeed, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or limit your fun due to removable dentures – a dental implant could be a great answer!

Another benefit to dental implants is simply that they enable you to retain your natural facial shape and smile.  This is probably one of the most benefit aspects of an implant as a treatment, which can help to sustain your confidence and of course it offers you a great smile!

Eating isn’t an issue with dental implants either.  With dentures often people feel worried and avoid certain foods for fear of dentures coming loose.  With dental implants you can still enjoy your food with a lot more confidence.

Whatever issues you’re having with your teeth – particularly where it comes to missing teeth that are making you feel self-conscious – then you can get some confidence in knowing that dental implants are a great treatment and that dentures aren’t the only option open to you.

Don’t suffer in silence, make yourself smile this year and get your missing tooth or teeth resolved at Advanced Dentistry!

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