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Make the right resolutions next year

Every single year millions of people everywhere approach the New Year and think about the resolutions they need to make. If you’re one of those people you could be one of many who are happy to try and lose weight or give up smoking, but perhaps your teeth and oral health don’t get quite so much attention.

There are so many reasons to include your teeth in your resolution list when the time comes. After all they don’t grow on trees!

It doesn’t matter whether your problems are fairly minor or if they are more significant either. The great thing about your teeth is that there are plenty of treatments on offer to revitalise your smile. Whether you’ve got missing teeth, failed bridgework, require all on 4s or you simply need a couple of fillings, getting your teeth done now means you won’t be left with more severe problems later on.

Perhaps the main reason people don’t think of their teeth come resolution time is simply because at that very moment there’s no reason to. They don’t hurt. They aren’t painful so they aren’t important.

However, this mentality can be very damaging in the long-term and many people don’t realise that leaving problems with your teeth can lead to more serious issues later on. If you only need a filling but you don’t get it sorted out then it stands to reason the treatment you may need when it starts to really hurt could be more substantial.

If you are planning your resolutions for next year, spare a thought for your teeth and add them to the list. You’ll be smiling for the entire year if you do!

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