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Flossing: The practice may be hated but your teeth love it!

While it’s a chore for many people, flossing is actually a great thing for us to do, in our efforts to look after our teeth and dental health.

Some people find it boring – others find it too difficult to do and there are a few who can’t be bothered at the end of the day.

However, daily flossing is essential in removing food particles between your teeth that a toothbrush (no matter how amazing it is) will not get to.

Food residue in the mouth can cause bad breath but more importantly the bacteria which causes tooth decay and gum disease (periodontal disease) thrives on it, which means getting that food in those hard-to-reach areas is essential.

How to start flossing

Getting into a flossing habit is actually a lot easier than you’d imagine. You just need to put it into your daily regime and stick to it. While twice a day is best if you can’t muster up the effort for that, at least do it once a day, at night!

The effort will help you remove food particles and therefore bacteria that has built up during the day.

Once floss does not do all either!

Many people assume that there is only one kind of floss. However, the reality is very different.  There are thin, wide, nylon, plastic, unwaxed and waxed options. You can even choose flavours, floss picks and a host of other types of flossing materials.

The trick is to find the kind of floss that suits your mouth and your teeth. If you have the right tools then the act of flossing will be so much easier!

Put your floss beside your toothbrush as a reminder and as we’ve already said, make sure you include it in your schedule!

Once you find yourself doing it daily then you will feel much cleaner and you will have better breath for starters!

Flossing is such an easy process and it really will make a difference to you and your oral health so while it may not be top of your priorities, do try and do it because your teeth and your gums will thank you for it!

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