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Advanced Dentistry treatments are about good oral health as much as looks

What is Aestheic Dentistry? 

Aesthetic dentistry has many advantages to offer and there are a variety of reasons to have a qualified specialist look at your teeth to improve the overall aesthetics.  It is also a good excuse to keep your oral health in check, as the mouth can provide a lot of indicators as to your general health.  Therefore, regular visits to your dentist mean anything more serious can be found early.

A simple ‘smile’ makeover can give anyone the opportunity to improve their smile and confidence too, which means that if your teeth aren’t perfect now, it needn’t be the end of the story.

However, a certain level of oral care that provides an adequate amount of healthy tissue for dentists to work with is still essential for a more direct method of dentistry.  No dentist will want to compromise your general oral health for a cosmetic procedure.    However, there are still plenty of restorative options if your teeth have perhaps suffered a little over the years, all of which are dealt with on an individual basis for optimum results.

Even if you have receding gums and more advanced structural problems, there are plenty of treatments that can go about rebuilding them for you, ensuring that the end result is a set of teeth that look like new and a new found confidence in yourself.

Obtaining a full and comprehensive check-up by your dentist before considering cosmetic dentistry will be the best way to find out what can be achieved for you in the long-term.  All dentists will be able to give you all the information you need before any treatments begin, offering you the chance to ask questions to put your mind at ease.

So what are the benefits of aesthetic dentistry?

Surprisingly perhaps, aesthetic dentistry can be done relatively quickly – depending on the treatment involved.  Two or three visits may be all you need to get a perfect smile, which could include procedures such as teeth bleaching or whitening.  In fact, even teeth straightening using porcelain veneers can be a fairly quick treatment and offers a wonderful alternative to the traditional brace.  It is also a lot less painful.  The veneers can be moulded to fit almost any shape too.

Confidence is of course a massive benefit to cosmetic dentistry treatment and it can make a real difference to an individual who has for years worried about their appearance.  This of course can also have an affect to your general confidence levels, which means a happier lifestyle.

Another and perhaps one of the most important benefits to cosmetic dentistry is that it allows you and your dentist to apply procedures and treatments that will ensure long-term oral health.  So, rather than a short-term cosmetic fix, having your teeth aesthetically improved will also mean that they will stay in better condition for the years ahead.

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