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Smile like you’re famous

If you want to find a classic smile, you need look no further than the movies or the many celebrity magazines, jam packed with images of perfect smiles.

From the flash of pearly whites at an awards ceremony through to any number of catwalks, those beautiful smiles can very often make us feel inadequate.

The reality of our tea, coffee and sugar loving consumption has perhaps led to yellow teeth and even tooth decay, while our favourite celebrities don’t appear to suffer with the same issues.

The truth is, while they may have perfect smiles, this has not necessarily been achieved from a life dedicated to careful brushing, healthy diets and dental care. More often than not, those amazing smiles are a result of a very skilled cosmetic dentist.

Don’t believe it?

If you take a look at the smiles of celebrities before they were famous you will be able to run a standard comparison between old and new photos, which may really surprise you. Some stars have had yellowing, crooked teeth but now have a perfect set of flawless teeth, resulting in a killer smile!

The great news these days is that fixing a smile is no longer an exclusive perk of the rich and famous. In fact, getting a super smile is more achievable than you may imagine and it’s an option open to anyone with teeth that aren’t perfect.

In modern dentistry, dental implants are on the rise and offer a fast, pain-free way to get a killer smile yourself. No longer do you have to wait months to get treatment done either. It’s surprisingly quick and there are same day options available.

If you want a smile that looks like it belongs on the red carpet why not take a look at what aesthetic dentistry can do for you? As well as boosting your self-esteem you will find your confidence really grows when you’ve got great pearly whites!

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