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The latest developments in aesthetic dentistry

As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. And since aesthetic dentistry is all about creating a beautiful and healthy smile, often it’s easier to show patients what’s possible through the power of technology.

Visualisation of smile makeover on a screen

Digital smile makeovers are rising in popularity because it provides patients with a snapshot of what their smile could look like after aesthetic treatments, helping them to visualise the end goal.

However, these digital makeovers should be treated with caution. As a computer-generated image, it’s programmed to return what the ‘ideal’ outcome would be, rather than the ‘realistic’ outcome, based on the condition of your teeth or movement within your mouth. So, while the digital images are useful to help dentists educate their patients about what they’re trying to achieve, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The skill is in the dentistry

Once you have an image of your perfect smile, you need a dentist with the skill and experience to be able to replicate that image. In reality, aesthetic dentistry covers three key areas – gums, tooth condition and colour – so it’s unlikely that you’ll find one dentist who’s able to cover the breadth of treatment you’d require.

At a minimum, we would recommend you find a dental practice with both a resident restorative and orthodontic dentist because you’ll have two specialists working together to achieve your perfect smile. Ideally, your dental practice should also have a dentist that specialises in periodontics too, as they will be able to identify and treat any underlying issues with your gums, which could affect the long-term success of your treatment.

It’s important that all the specialists sit together within the same practice. You can go to different dentists, but the risk you face is that they will only consider their area of specialty in isolation, rather than think about how it fits within a wider treatment plan that ends in creating your beautiful, healthy smile. Working in the same practice, you have a team planning together, which means they can coordinate the aesthetics through a better understanding of the overall picture.

The realm of the possible

In the digital world anything is possible, which is why you need a professional to be honest with you and tell you realistically what’s achievable and what’s not.

We are seeing a lot more patients who need corrective dentistry to fix problems they’ve encountered due to poorly planned and executed treatments. A lot of the time it’s treatments like ceramics or veneers, which have been properly created in an external lab but, as the underlying dentistry hasn’t been properly executed, the treatment fails.

It’s caused by ‘quick-fix’ solutions, where either the patient or their dentist has failed to consider the long-term goal. The trouble is, that when treatments fail prematurely, it can have catastrophic results. We’ve helped several patients that have suffered tooth loss due to previous poor dentistry, where we’ve had to re-plan their case using the recommendations of our inhouse specialists to determine how to best rebuild their mouth.

Preventative care and education

We believe in delivering value-based dentistry in order to create beautiful healthy smiles for our patients. We achieve this through a three-way circle that involves:

  • The dentist: Our team is carefully selected for their skill and dedication, and the practice is led by Dr Mankoo, who is a world leader in aesthetic, restorative and implant dentistry.
  • The patient: Problems can be fixed, but it’s better if the person can take ownership of their oral hygiene to prevent the issues occurring in the first place.
  • Education: By working together, we can help you to limit the risk of any long-term problems by helping you to make smart choices.

Life-changing dentistry

Whatever is stopping you from having the perfect smile, we have the specialists within our practice who will work together to provide you with the very best that dentistry has to offer. What can we help you with?

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