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Regenerating a natural smile through white fillings and bondings

Your teeth are incredibly important and taking care of them is absolutely essential. Windsor Advanced Dentistry has an internationally recognised reputation as an experienced practice that you can trust to take care of your teeth. Unfortunately, teeth, gums and overall dental hygiene can often be neglected and the longer it is left without check-ups or maintenance, the more the conditions of the mouth will deteriorate. Poor teeth and gums do not just affect your health, which is vital, but they can also affect your self-confidence.

One of the most common visits to the dentist involves fillings and bondings. These days, cosmetic and restorative dentistry have become more and more popular amongst patients and continue to be a prevalent form of dental surgery. Bonding is a technique that can totally transform and improve your smile. It is a very skilled process involving the precise use of a mouldable material known as dental composite. It is used in a variety of dental procedures.

Before and after treatment with dental composite bonding aka white fillings
Before and after treatment with dental composite bonding

People who need their dental cavities filled and prefer “white fillings” will most likely experience the use of this composite. It is also used for replacing broken or chipped teeth, and for closing the gaps between and reshaping the teeth. These processes are often referred to as “smile makeovers,” but they are not just a way of making your teeth more aesthetically pleasing, they are used to help in keeping your teeth healthy, strong and durable. This is something Windsor Advanced Dentistry prides itself on as it is our policy to offer treatments that affect the client’s aesthetic needs as well as their oral health.

Tooth coloured fillings (often known as “white fillings”) are an option that allows for the fillings in your teeth to blend in with the rest of your mouth. They do not stand out. Old amalgam fillings are replaced with white (tooth coloured) fillings that close localised spaces between teeth. The dentist chooses the correct material and applies a meticulous technique to get durable results. A rubber dam is routinely used to prevent inadvertent swallowing of any drilled out tooth debris, providing a quality seal that prevents contamination or infection of the cavities with saliva bacteria, which can cause secondary tooth decay. This is a non-invasive procedure that is relatively simple where the effects stand the test of time.

Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry believes in creating natural-looking smiles that compliment and match your existing teeth. It is about rejuvenating the smile and enhancing the appearance of it. The results create a harmony between the teeth, smile and face that look and feel incredibly natural.

There are a range of case studies and patient testimonials for your browsing consideration to look at on the web site that can be viewed individually here. So if you’re considering cosmetic dentistry please contact us to make an appointment and consultation to help you smile again.

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