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Composite Bonding – some basic information from Advanced Dentistry

In our last blog, Advanced Dentistry spoke about some of the basic information surrounding dental crowns.

To follow-up on that in our series of treatment blogs, today we take a closer look at composite bonding. We will take you through some of the basic reasons you may have to receive it as a treatment and what it can involve.

As with all of our articles though, we do stress that at Advanced Dentistry every single patient is approached individually and our treatments for this reason are completely bespoke. We look for the best treatments in order to achieve the best results.

What is composite dental bonding?

Dental bonding is something that has been used to achieve good aesthetic results for some time in the world of dentistry. It can literally transform your smile. It involves utilising the exact amount of colour and ‘dental composite’ to achieve a smile that will really give you confidence. Dental composite is a material that is moldable and that has a paste like consistency.

It can be used for filling dental cavities (where a metal or amalgam filling has been used dental composite can give you ‘white fillings’).

It can be used to repair broken and even chipped teeth.

It can help to close gaps between teeth (this is where people suffer from something called diastemas).

It is used to reshape teeth and as we have said, it is a popular treatment for improving your smile.

What is the procedure involved in composite bonding?

Not all bonding treatments require a local anaesthetic but some do depending on your personal situation. Usually the dentist will numb the area. From here, the tooth surface where the composite is going to be applied will be cleaned thoroughly. Then, the dentist will create the correct shade of composite to match the tooth being treated.

Once applied, the composite bonding agent is exposed to a special light source called a curling light. This activates the composite and it will then harden and set.

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