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Decayed Teeth? You still have reasons to smile…

Before and after restorative dentistry

If you have decayed teeth or in fact you have noticed your teeth are on their way to decaying, getting the right treatment is essential. And it is good to know that damage to your teeth can be repaired and your oral health restored with the right kind of approach.

Obviously tooth decay is caused by a number of factors, including frequent exposure to acid elements such as fizzy drinks, wine, fruit juices and even fruit itself.  Therefore, it is not surprising to see that in today’s convenience led world that teeth decay is increasingly common.

Unfortunately another reason for the increase is down to us snacking through the day.  Whereas years ago we may literally have had a breakfast, lunch and Dinner, we are now looking at late morning snacks, afternoon snacks and even evening snacks – all with the potential to damage our teeth more often.

Decayed teeth can be a sign of many issues and if particularly advanced, can lead to bad toothache and drastic treatments if left untreated – so it’s always worth consulting your dentist at the first times and of course, regular check-ups will ensure that early signs are rectified quickly.

Our integrated approach to decayed teeth plays a major role in getting excellent results with patients and a key part to our ethos is that your overall oral health is just as important as the aesthetics.  Therefore, we don’t simply fix the outside but also the inside, leading to long-term results that really last and make you feel great again.

The treatments for decayed teeth can vary and are always aligned with the personal needs of our patients so no one treatment will work for all.  Therefore, whether you will require root work, assistance with receding gums and an array of other treatments will of course be considered when you first visit us.

People of all ages can suffer from decayed teeth but it is very common with people in their mid to late twenties onwards so we are quite used to various stages of decaying teeth.  Therefore, if you are worried about decayed teeth and it is affecting your lifestyle never consider it too late to contact us for help.

Our expertise is renowned and a simple consultation will get you on the right path to a perfect smile and eradication of tooth decay!

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